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There’s Value to Greek Life, but There’s Zero Value to Hazing

by Suswana Chowdhury

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I heard about the hazing incident on my first day of class at Baruch College one year ago. I remember going into shock. Up until that point, I had seen hazing on fictional TV shows and I had heard some stories in real life but it was all too distant from me. Now it was personal.

It happened at my college. It happened at the institution I would be spending the next four years at where I am supposed to gain experiences academically and socially to grow and mature.

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#YesWeCode: Van Jones Paves Way for Next Generation of Coders

by Ashley Sullivan

It’s time to fix the internet, and the future. A new initiative called Yes We Code aims to do just that. Launched by former environmental aide in the Obama Administration and Rebuild The Dream Founder Van Jones, the initiative plans to prepare 100,000 low-income kids for careers writing computer code. Jones is hacking the mainframe and building a network of coding education organizations, professionals and students — a desperately needed system reboot.

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It Ain’t Easy Being Woke on the College Dating Scene

by Janaya Greene

Being a single, woke, almost 20-year-old college student has had it’s ups and downs. When I’m not in class or trying not to stress about upcoming exams, I get the chance to meet other students who are likeminded: determined, hard-working, and strongly opinionated.

Before getting woke — aware of racism, sexism, and other isms — dating was no walk in the park, but it wasn’t nearly as challenging as it is now. Ignorance is not offended by ignorance.

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