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Lani Pringle, writer of the film with the 2 teen actresses

Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Black Femmes

by Bianca Laureano

February marks the 11th year the US is observing Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. It is also popularly known as Black History Month, or as young Black activists have renamed, Black Futures Month. What does love look and feel like for young Black femmes who are living in rape culture, when police brutality targets you, those you love, and those who look like you? How do Black femmes find, identify,

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Maurice White

Rembering Maurice White, Musical Innovator and Voice for Harmony

by Shahruz Moshtael

In a scene from the 1980 golf-comedy Caddyshack, a loud-mouthed and obnoxious Al Czervik, played by Rodney Dangerfield, walks up to the house band in a country club dining hall, flinging a fistful of dollars in their direction and telling the band leader to “play something hot.” The band abruptly stops the languid jazz piece mid-performance and bursts into something electric and upbeat. The well-to-do crowd spontaneously starts dancing to the lively number.

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Hands in Solidarity, Hands of Freedom mural in Chicago, Illinois.  (via Flickr user @atelier_tee)

Befriending While Woke Is A Trust Exercise

by Janaya Greene

Just as Dating While Woke was a difficult task, I’m finding it hard to keep friendships with folks who insist on saying harmful things about disadvantaged groups outside of their own personal identities, despite professing to be aware of the socioeconomic institutions that disadvantage women, people of color, queer-identified people, and everyone else who isn’t a cisgender, heterosexual, white male. It’s one thing to engage and converse with people who hold harmful or destructive views;

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