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Does This Dress Make Me Look Culturally Insensitive?

by Desiree Browne

I’m a thoroughly modern Millie (on Snapchat and everything), but I’m also an avid collector of vintage clothes. What I love about midcentury style goes beyond flattering cuts. As a daydreamer and armchair cultural historian, I like digging into the history of my clothes, and thinking about why we wore them. One of my favorite vintage clothing brands created dresses specifically for the women who were starting to work in offices in large numbers for the first time.

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Bree Newsome is a Superhero To Me, My Generation and Many Generations to Come

by Brianna Garrett

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes with multiple abilities to fight multiple causes. In the movies, the citizens usually determine what the strength of a superhero will be, based on various factors and abilities. But in real life, a superhero can be a citizen among us, self-appointed based on the courage and initiative to give voice to those who are silenced. On June 27th, Bree Newsome became a superhero when she scaled the pole to take down South Carolina’s Confederate flag.

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Film News

Jason and Shirley

“Jason and Shirley” and Dogs and Black Men at BAM

by Steven Thrasher

On Thursday night, after a brutal day of writing about the tragic loss of black life in Charleston, South Carolina, I attended the sold out world premiere of “Jason and Shirley,” director Stephen Winter’s fictional film about pioneering woman filmmaker Shirley Clarke’s 1967 documentary “Portrait of Jason.” Despite my grief and my tiredness in thinking about racism, I was looking forward to seeing the film at BAMCinemaFest 2015.

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Education Now


EduColor Advocates for Children of Color in Public Schools

by Kelly Wickham

This year marks the 10th anniversary of when I started writing online. As a teacher, there were a lot of reasons that I wanted to expand my classroom to be inclusive of a broader world: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could use the Internet,” I thought, “to connect my students to their classrooms or places we can’t physically go because it’s too far?” Except, I found that I was just as in need of community and connection as my students were.

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Video Feature of the Week

Pride Month may be over but check out our Chicago Youth Media Corps project ‘No Hetero’!