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Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca Ramsey, Liz Plank, Michaela Angela Davis Among “Scenarios Influencers”

by Rebecca Carroll

Central to the work we do at Scenarios is our belief that young people are the cultural prophets of widespread social change. The winning films at this year’s Scenarios World Premiere & Celebration address the following issues: intimate partner violence, transgender identity, and homophobia within the Black community. All of these stories were written by high school … Read More »


Walking While Trans a Crime in Arizona? Really?

by Arisce Wanzer

You read it correctly people, something as simple as just being yourself can get you locked up and charged in some places in our supposed “free” country. The trans community has made great strides in a short amount of time this past year and in recent months, but clearly some people are struggling to keep up … Read More »

Film News

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Beyond Body Cameras: A Documentary Examines Broken Windows Theory

by Sasha Tartikovsky Jones

Recently Melissa Mark-Viverito’s name was trending on Gothamist, nestled between New York City Football Club and “Game of Thrones.” Mark-Viverito, the Speaker of the New York City Council, is part of a contingent seeking to decriminalize several of the minor offenses that the New York Police Department has historically cracked down on in the name of broken … Read More »

Education Now

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Got Grit?

by Dena Simmons

Reprinted with permission from Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence. Scenarios is an activation partner with Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence in the Emotion Revolution. The Revolution begins with a survey listening to high school students about their social emotional lives in school. Please take it and share it: As a Black girl growing up in poverty, … Read More »

YouTube Video Feature of the Week

This week, we look back at “From an Objective Point of View” directed by Jim McKay and Hannah Weyer.

“It’s gonna happen eventually. And when it happens, it’s gonna be when I’m ready.”From an Objective Point of View