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Spike Lee: “Chiraq” Is Not Yours For the Taking

by Janessa E. Robinson

Chicago has long been known for its violence, from Al Capone and the Italian mob to present day gangs and gun violence. As a Chicago native, I have awakened to find that many of my high school classmates or friends were shot and killed. That is why it pains me to know that Spike Lee’s film on … Read More »

Michaela Angela Davis, Janaya, and Franchesca Ramsey

That Time My Film Screened in NYC at a Premiere Hosted by Issa Rae

by Janaya Greene

As a 17-year-old high school student, I never thought that anything I wrote would go “big time”—at least not for a few more years. From a young age, my parents and teachers always told me that I could achieve anything I wanted to if I put my mind to it. But who knew an idea … Read More »

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trans doc dream hampton

dream hampton’s “Treasure” Helps a Community Seek Justice

by Desiree Browne

The trailer for dream hampton’s “Treasure: From Tragedy to Trans Justice; Mapping a Detroit Story” opens with completely ordinary footage. A happy, self-assured girl talks to her camera, hoping you’ll enjoy her photos. Nineteen-year-old Shelley “Treasure” Hilliard is just doing what millions of girls with cameras do in the privacy of their bedrooms. And then, like that, the trailer becomes … Read More »

Education Now


That’s What We Said: Sex Ed Is Better with Discussions of Gender and Power

by Desiree Browne

It’s always good to hear when other people confirm that you’re on the right track — that’s how we felt when we read about a recent study which found that students who went through sex ed programs inclusive of gender and power dynamics in relationships were much less likely to experience planned pregnancies or to develop STIs. Our REAL … Read More »

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