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Bjorn Iooss/CR Fashionbook

Willow Smith To Become Even Cooler in 2015

by Desiree Browne

Professional free spirit and occasional-singer Willow Smith is wowing once again with her insightful interview for the latest issue of CR Fashion Book (on stands March 5). At 14, she’s landed the cover of a very grown-up magazine, and that’s just the beginning of her exciting year. Willow’s looking ahead to things like learning Krav Maga and … Read More »

Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen/flickr

Growing Up Internet

by Brianna Garrett

As a child, I remember going on sites such as Stardoll and Millsberry, where I could express myself and connect to people miles away, but with the safety of an avatar as my identity. I could give my avatar the clothes I didn’t have and make her look like I wish I did. In fact, … Read More »

Film News

the duff poster

“It’s Not About Popularity” Or Is It?: What “The Duff” Is Really About

by Sasha Tartikovsky Jones

Labels, according to “The Duff,” are no longer so singular. It’s a funny angle for a film that proceeds to focus on pretty much just one label, but, ostensibly, this is the one-size-fits-all of labels: any scene can have one and anybody can be or feel like one. Duff stands for “designated ugly fat friend,” … Read More »

Education Now

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Scholarship Opportunities for Students Dedicated to Media Coverage of LGBT Issues

by Scenarios USA

Students dedicated to creating accurate, in-depth media coverage of LGBTQ issues should consider applying to two incredible scholarships presented by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Applications are due Friday, May 15, 2015: Leroy F. Aarons and the Kay Longcope scholarships are awarded annually to students who demonstrate a commitment to providing fair and … Read More »

YouTube Video Feature of the Week

This week in the spotlight is Life’s Poison , Directed by Malcolm D. Lee

“I learned the importance of letting my voice be heard. Even when I don’t think I have an opinion, I have to dig deeper and find out what I really think and want to express. Shrugging my shoulders and saying, ‘I don’t care,’ is no longer an option.” - Winning Youth Writer Angileece Williams